Thank you from your winner – Ned!

When I signed up for I’m an Engineer, Get me out of here, I wasn’t really sure that to expect. But after the first “Chat” and set of “Ask” questions, I quickly got into the swing of it. The chats were amazing, you could feel the energy, excitement and enthusiasm of the students across the Internet, although on a few occasions my fingertips were beginning to smoke from the furious typing in trying to keep up with the questions.

And what questions! Everything from “How is a black hole formed?” to “What is your favourite animal?”. The students wanted to know everything from the latest developments in space engineering, to what an engineer actually does on an everyday basis, to whether all engineers are anti-social! I hope we disillusioned them on that last point at least!

It seems unfair to the other engineers that there could only be one winner. All of the engineers participated with enthusiasm and provided great insight into their fascinating jobs. At times, I wish I could have been on the other end of the Chat!

This is really a great initiative and I hope we all managed to demystify what a career in engineering is all about. And if there are some students out there who are now a little more certain that being an engineer is for them, well that’s an added bonus.

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