• Question: Do you go to many schools telling them about what you do?

    Asked by LNOLA to Aisling, Colin, Laurence, Ned on 9 Mar 2016.
    • Photo: Ned Dwyer

      Ned Dwyer answered on 9 Mar 2016:

      Actually this Friday I am going to a local school here in Lisbon to talk about the problem of litter in the ocean. There is a huge garbage patch in the Pacific mafe up mainly of small bits of plastic snd it is hundreds of Km wide. The litter and plastic does terrible damsge to the animals and fish and birds in the ocean. I have also done some teaching to kids in Kenya but that was as a volunteer and I was talking about the importance of hygiene , hand washing and keeping the school environment clean.

    • Photo: Aisling Shannon

      Aisling Shannon answered on 10 Mar 2016:

      Hi Lnola, This is the first time I have done something like this, but hopefully in the future I will do more. With Skype I could do calls with schools so easily from my desk in Holland.