• Question: How many engineers does it take to Shane a lightbulb?

    Asked by Niamh.øf to Aisling, Colin, Laurence, Ned, Niamh on 2 Mar 2016.
    • Photo: Ned Dwyer

      Ned Dwyer answered on 2 Mar 2016:

      It takes lots, those who design and produce the lightbulb and those who generate the electricity to make it work. Now with LED lighbulbs we use a lot less energy than before when we used tungsten. A good light bulb turns most of the elctricity it gets into light. Older lighbulbs turned a lot of the energy into heat, which is not much good when you are trying to light up a room!

    • Photo: Laurence O'Rourke

      Laurence O'Rourke answered on 2 Mar 2016:

      One engineer with a ladder, while other engineers tell him/her where is the best place to put the ladder so that its easy to change the lightbulb 🙂

    • Photo: Colin Shirran

      Colin Shirran answered on 8 Mar 2016:

      It takes way too many! The costumer keeps on changing the requirements during the fitting and still isn’t fully happy by the end. 🙂