• Question: If you wanted to achieve 1 major thing to help the world in your lifetime what would it be?

    Asked by Ella to Aisling, Colin, Laurence, Ned, Niamh on 2 Mar 2016.
    • Photo: Ned Dwyer

      Ned Dwyer answered on 2 Mar 2016:

      As an Engineer, it would be to make a breakthrough so that renewable energy became the only way of generating all teh electricity and energy we need on the planet. Using fossil fuels like coal and oil is doing terrible damage to teh planet. It is polluting it very badly, so people die of respitory diseases and it is changing our climate, so that the planet we live onn in 100 years time will have a very different and more erratic climate than now. If we can generate enough power from teh waves, the tides, the wind and the sun then we have a set of resources that will never run out and will have less impacts onn teh Earth. However, everything does have an impact. As we have seen in Ireland there is resistence ot wind farms. However, we have to balance the good of the wind farms against the impact they may have in ruining landscapes.

    • Photo: Laurence O'Rourke

      Laurence O'Rourke answered on 3 Mar 2016:

      I would come up with a way of being able to reverse the greenhouse effect. It’s difficult to have countries keep to their agreements and so the world is going to get warmer and warmer, seas will rise, the climate will change. If I was amazing enough (which I’m not) to come up with something that has a worldwide impact, this would be it.

    • Photo: Aisling Shannon

      Aisling Shannon answered on 3 Mar 2016:

      I would love to make sure that everyone had access to clean water. It sounds so simple but so many people die from dirty water. I think that would be pretty amazing…

    • Photo: Niamh Shaw

      Niamh Shaw answered on 4 Mar 2016:

      To make people see that we are all citizens of our planet Earth and that if we could see ourselves from Space we would all understand that there are no boundaries, no countries no continents. And maybe then people might see that all the conflict about religion and country boundaries is not nearly as important as realising how fortunate we are to live on our beautiful planet which we all need to protect together to ensure the future survival of our species.

    • Photo: Colin Shirran

      Colin Shirran answered on 8 Mar 2016:

      I would love to help the world collectively realize that we all need to work together to survive on this planet and make sure that we don’t let it die. Allowing us all to put aside our differences and realize that the biggest fight we all have is to change our ways and make sure that we can work together to improve the environment. Sooner or later if we continue the way we are, all we will be doing is fighting over dead land which in the end will mean nothing.